Monitoring and management for underground mining



Do you know your mining productivity?

In underground mines, it is common for equipment data to stay buried under the surface.

That is why we introduced MINE-WATCH, the system that allows you to manage subterranean production online.

Unearth your operation, uncover the hidden potential of your mine and quickly transform it into value.



Unearth your mining operation

Uncover its hidden potential and quickly transform it into value
Increase productivity based on accurate data
Instantly access valuable information about your production

"We installed it in trucks, scooptram front end loaders and beacons along the route, which become check points to indicate when an asset passes through and how many loops it makes. This allows us to automatically track what the assets are doing, a process that previously had to be done manually. Currently, the driver reports to the shift managers, who report to their superiors.

The idea is that this technology will help verify monthly plans in real time as well as optimizing cycle times and equipment performance

David Henríquez

Planning Engineer, Pullalli Mining, CEMIN Holding

"Mining presents the technical challenge of operating in remote locations, underground, with no internet access. Technologies like the one being tested at Pullalli Mining can be very beneficial for the sector

We are highly motivated to act as a proving ground for the modernization of medium-scale mining"

Claudio Campos

Corporate Planning Manager, CEMIN Mining Holding

System with no need for power or connectivity underground

Mine-Watch Benefits

24/7 Monitoring

Monitor your active equipment from anywhere, at any time, including its location, tonnage and effective working time.

Smart Management

All your operational information digitized for better planning in your mine, forget about papers and spreadsheets.


Our system works underground without connectivity and without external power. We adapt to the existing infrastructure of any mine.

4.0 Technology

The latest monitoring technology with no need for large investments, fast and easy to deploy in the field.

We adapt to the available infrastructure

Accurate information about your operation

Without Mine-Watch

Loss of productivity due to inaccurate data

Hard to read information and multiple inconsistencies in filling. Poor contact tracing, slow and difficult to validate. Manual filling that results in lost operational time.

With Mine-Watch

Increased productivity based on accurate information

Reliable data and organized information on your operation. 24/7 updates in real time. Cross-validation of the entire fleet. Data auto-fill functions.

Information on extraction, loading and unloading

Our Technology

Specialized Hardware

Smart devices and sensors that enable the collection of data related to location, tonnage, buckets, fueling and effective machine working time

Web-Based Software

Management platform with relevant KPIs for decision-making, daily and monthly data analysis, and machinery and fleet history information.

Mine-Watch in Media

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